Big Green Egg

We are The Big Green Egg Call us foodies, food freaks or culinary hedonists. We just believe that life tastes good, that our senses are a gift to enjoy life to the fullest. Inspiring people all over the world and making them happy by enjoying the finest & honest flavours nature has to offer, is what drives us. We developed a contemporary cooking device based on old Japanese ‘kamado’ traditions to bring out the most refined flavours of natural food. In a healthy and sustainable way. We named it what it looks like: a Big Green Egg! By using ceramic technology, advanced by NASA, we create an unique heating system that brings out the unrivalled mouthwatering flavours while cooking, baking, grilling, stewing, smoking your favorite recipes. Enjoy The Big Green Egg and open your world of culinary possibilities. Let your creativity run wild, but most of all let life taste good!