Celebrating Black History Month with Issuu

By Angela RuthFebruary 5, 2021Last updated on February 5, 2021Publisher Spotlight, Featured

Happy Black History Month! As we start this new year, it's crucial we remember that the fight for true racial equality is not over. One of the ways Black people continue to be oppressed is through the silencing of Black narratives and history. If we as people don't learn our past, we are doomed to repeat it. So today, please choose to take some time and educate yourself about the struggle people of color have had, and celebrate those who are making moves today.

We’ve rounded up seven publications that cover everything from stories of successful black business people to a close up look at everyone’s fav, MLK, Jr.

1.The Struggle for Freedom

2.Living in Color

3.Black Business News

4.BHM Magazine

5.MLK, jr.

6.Why Black History Month Matters

7.Renegade Magazine

Be sure to check out our Representation Matters themed stack, which includes timely Issuu publications that focus on the current political climate, ways you can affect change and today’s voices of black America. Follow the stack, or create your own reading list to share and help educate your community. And if you find a great #blackhistorymonth publication you think people should be paying attention to, share it with us @issuu on Twitter or any of your favorite social media platforms.

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