Blip Printers

Twin Falls, US

Blip Printers opened its doors for the first time in November of 1985. We bought our first printing equipment from a small religious sect in Montana. Due to the philosphy of the owners at Blip, to improve the way product is handled and created, Blip has enjoyed many years of stead growth. Blip is not part of any local or national chains. Blip is privately held company and has remained at the 214 Blue Lakes Blvd location since it opened. As for the name BLIP, it is an acronym. Our goal at Blip has always been to provide the best quality with the best turn-around. We have a small, but skilled staff, and we buy the best equipment that we can afford. Control has also been at the core of the way we do things. We try to accommodate as many different services as possible to avoid outsourcing the best we can, and therefore we can control the products from the beginning of the job to the end.