Box in a Box Idea

Istanbul, TR

Box in a Box Idea was born in 2011 as an architectural concept representing the infrastructure of flexible production and high engineering skills of Ersa, which has become an expert in office furniture. Involved in the interior design concept that holds the signatures of Yalın Tan Jeyan Ülkü Interior Design, “Box in a Box Idea” has evolved into a different path, emerging from an idea to give a place to the interactive areas in digital world. With the vision of being the biggest social platform to bring the designers together in 2012,, the first social network special for the investors of Turkey, and Box in a Box Idea periodical were materialized. Embracing the different trends in the course of time, the project has supported the projects of music, photography, video installation; has allowed the self-development of the students and has created an area where the artist can express themselves.